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Corporate Culture

Xiong Jie, Shanghai Medical Devices Co., Ltd. Corporate Culture

Integrated Management
Originated from Shanghai Xiongjia Machinery Co.,Ltd, Shanghai Shonjet Medical Device Co.,Ltd has become a high-end medical device manufacturer, including precise mechanical process, assembly & test, research and development for small medical equipment and after-sales service. Registered in SIMZ in 2006, we have been through 12 years from part process manufacturer to a part process & assembly manufacturer that has own-brand and patent technology.
Stemmed from state-owned company 12 years ago, we established our own company. But we haven’t “deviate” from the old track completely, which means we also follow the state-owned management mechanism and humanistic approach. The mechanism and approach have never been discarded. On the contrary, the module have been perfecting and strengthening all the time. The members of management team all came from the state-owned company who are all senior executives in the past. So, we have transplanted the essence of traditional management to the company apart from combining our own traits. Based on the humanistic management, we have transformed into flat module, simplifying the structure, entitling the each department, which means explicit responsibility. As a result, we avoid the state-styled redundancy and repetition and quicken the feedback to the customer demand and market changes to the utmost.
It is known to all that Germen are well-known for the rigid character and assiduous attitude which have been affecting us subtly and rooting in our culture gradually after over 10 years cooperation. We are an A-grade supplier for global Siemens and the products we supply Siemens account for over 60% of our total since we established. We furnished the workshop with international advanced equipments, such as TRUMATIC Punch Machine, TRUMATIC Laser Cutter, ABB Robotic welding station, CNC bending machine and CNC machining center. Our welding machines and welding stations are all from Germany and Japan.
Since entering SIMZ, we take the advantage of the Shanghai international medical center to develop faster and get more honors: certified “high-tech enterprise” by Shanghai Science Committee and funded. Also we get the gold prize for Shanghai Enterprise Social Responsibility by Shanghai Research Center for Enterprise competitiveness and gold prize for Shanghai Enterprise Service. Supported by the excellent service and instructions from SIMZ, we get great opportunities to develop…
But we turn these into motivation rather than show them off.  Like a hawk, we soar in the sky highly.

Culture Building

In the state-owned management, we make every employee feel that: “you are the master of the Shonjet.”
We have clear recognition about ourselves and have customized our own scheme. There are mainly three parts: firstly, professional OEM, which means becoming a key supplier for world-famous companies while learning their advanced ideas to improve our management level. Secondly, as a high-end medical device assembly supplier, we focus on the global landscape of medical resource manufacture, adjust the strategy timely and offer intermediate product. Thirdly, to be an end-users supplier, provide the end-users with products directly. Therefore, we will explore the market that hasn’t been covered from home to abroad. As a matter of fact, we have been optimizing to make sure our company runs efficiently and that is why we have reached great achievements within 12 years.
During the 12 years, being innovate, promising and refining, we passed ISO 9001 and 3834 certificate by TUV. We also passed SGS in 2012, which is the first of our kind in the SIMZ. SGS is a world-leading authority of inspection and testing and is also the benchmark of quality and honest. Having gone through the complicate procedure and met the extremely high demands from SGS, we pioneered many companies and won.

Future Prospect

In the past 12 years, we incorporated the three styles: state-owned management, private-owned efficiency and foreign company quality into our culture so that we maintained 30% growth annually, from a small-sized company to a middle-sized medical device manufacturer who has own brand and patents.
Chinese companies occupied very low share of high-end market, which is a bottleneck that many companies are persistent to break. So is Shonjet. After one decade entrepreneur, we are going to have the transformation and breakthrough for the next decade.
In 2012, we took the first step of research and development. Four high-frequency diagnostic equipments we developed independently made the debut in Chengdu Fair in Nov 2012. These equipments not only have been highly prized by professional but also valued by Shanghai Science Committee. Meanwhile, we are also developing the moveable high-frequency x-ray machines with DR diagraph and diagraph distant transmission, which is a part of disaster medical aid project of “torch scheme” of China Science and Technology Sector. The machine is being tested and will fill the blanket of its kind.
To consolidate the R&S, on one hand, we increased the percentage of the investment to technology department from 3% to 9% while having recruited many engineers. On the other hand, we signed the “DR application and development” project with Shanghai Jiaotong University and the “Image distant technology development” project with Shanghai Technological University. We have grasped the key technology for high-frequency generator during the independent development and the generator will be used in our own product in 2013. We will apply for the two patents which can be a leap for Chinese high-frequency technology.
During 2011~2012, we completed four new products for Siemens Medical, three of which are industrialized. The performances we did in the whole process have been highly evaluated by Siemens HQ. In 2011, we became the supplier for Carrier and Haworth. Currently, we also explore the chance to be the partner with Philips, Hitach and other 500 Fortune companies. In 2012, we achieved 8000 revenue and in 2013, we have a bigger picture: applying the DR to the independent X-ray machines, developing large medical device, total capitalization and improving the collaboration level with Siemens from part process to part assembly.
Since entering SIMZ, we have been offered a great deal of support and help by SIMZ, especially during the process of applying for the state development project. We hope SIMZ will escort Shonjet as much as before in the future.
In the future, with strengthening the process quality, introducing advanced technology and developing our own products, we endeavor to build up “Shonjet Medical” to a well-known brand in the market within 5 years. We are firmly confident that we will have a promising prospect in the medical device sector.